Amina is selected to IAWRT Women’s Film Festival.

What does it mean to be black, female, and foreign in a world that doesn’t value these attributes? Television audiences will have the chance to ponder this question as season 12 of the award-winning documentary series AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange brings viewers the story of Amina this month. Helmed by Turkish director Kivilcim Akay, Amina tells the story of a young African immigrant living in Istanbul and confronting the harsh realities of life. The film airs on WORLD Channel at 8 p.m. ET (10 p.m. PT) on Monday, January 27, on AfroPoP, the public television series dedicated to bringing real stories of life, art and culture in the modern African Diaspora to public television audiences. – Harlem World Magazine
In the Documentary Works in Progress category, the three winners picked from among the seven participants, which will receive 30,000 TL (€14,100) each, were decided on by Paolo BertolinEmmanuel Chicon and Eytan İpeker. They are Ertil, Master of Complications by Yasemin AkıncıMom, You Trespassed by İlham Bakır, and Wind Horse by Sidar Inan Erçelik. Also, Berna Gençalp’s Who Is Mihri? received the Postbıyık Sound and Color Editing Award, and the 30,000 TL TRT Award went to Selin Şenköken’s Ali Arif Ersen: Mr Wink.
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